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Using Octopress

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Actually it wasn’t just following instructions to get Octopress up and running! It made me to figure out first that I need to install OpenSSL, zlib (actually GCC and Make too, but this is something you should expect when it comes to building software). It also required re-compiling ruby install every time I founded out another one dependency needed and some ruby dependent command still not working. But yeah, not a rocket since at all and now it looks like I really can start blogging all what I want about. ;)

But hey, it’s gonna take you to study markdown as well. :)

What I don’t feel like okay:

  • Using date in posts URL might seem like a good idea, but hey, what if you want to change date meanwhile having some links to the post in question already? Tinkering with “mod_rewrite”? An unique ID preceeding the date could better suite (or, probably there’s no need in date in URL at all).
  • Source files (postings) are a mess-in-one-directory – can you imagine what would be there after a few years of active blogging?
  • Images handling – where to upload (properly)? I mean even source posting files are mess but at least they’re told “to be there”, images are completely on your own.