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So, fuck you Enom!

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Written – as promised in Twitter. Was very surprised to have found out that the site’s “not available” due to those assholes decided to revoke the domain delegation and even blocked my account without sending out any fucking notice to me! If you can’t login and see “account status doesn’t permit this action - 7” – very likely this is exactly what has happened.

When I called them on phone, a “supporter” told me I should send a mail to “risk management at Enom”. I decided I should just have sent Enom a kiss-my-ass goodbye instead. Seriosly, I don’t think those jerks should be treated any better.

N.B. Keep it in mind: if you ever need to register a domain avoid dealing with Enom – they have no respect to theirs customers. Enom can literally wipe out your domain without any prior warning. Anyone can just go and re-register your domain while Enom’s doing it. And Enom just don’t give a shit. Absolutely.