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i386 version of 4.1.9 with BFS, BFQ and UltraKSM

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One thing suddenly jumped into my mind – targeting all those enhanced features of kernel for modern hardware makes less and less sense. Really, while, say uKSM makes you’re happier with saved memory (although if you never hit swap it’s also of no use, right) using BFQ or BFS isn’t so demanded. CPUs are pretty fast now, as to disks, most of those who needs speed did switch to SSD long ago too. Yeah, in general you can feel something good for using something better, but this is not that much-much more better. Just better, a little bit. And as you use more and more powerful hardware the gain from those enhancements is going down until it’s undistingushable. OTOH, if you’re old hardware owner that still of use. Here it is – version for x86.

Please note it needs at least Pentium 4.